Communicating more effectively


A modern research library is a sprawling, complex beast.  We develop traditional and special (rare) collections and archives; provide instructional services; license and assist all comers with using data; support research data management; provide connected learning spaces with flexible furniture and information technology resources to support students working together to discover and learn; provide streaming video service; maps and GIS tools; etc., etc.

To serve our constituency (students, faculty, and the public beyond campus) we need to let them know what we can do for them, and what resources we have for them to use.  And in this era of declining public support, we need to let potential donors know about how we help make this great university great.

So, we’re re-organizing the way we do communications, starting by hiring our first Director of Communications.  Into a new Office of Communications we’ll be pulling in many (not all) of our communicator staff who are currently scattered across units: writers, social media experts, graphics and exhibit designers, web designers, photographers etc.

If you know a talented modern communicator who wants to lead a strong group of professionals, and help make this most public-serving of campus institutions — the library — more visible and successful, please encourage her or him to apply: